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Various Councils across New Zealand


Most councils across the country are facing a pressing challenge in addressing aging infrastructure, especially within the 3 waters assets. As technologies evolve, there’s a growing need for sustainable practices, particularly in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation industry. For Pipe Technologies, the existing decay of underground 3 waters assets poses a threat to the efficient delivery of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services. The proposed ‘Three Water Reforms’ by the Central Government, aiming to shift responsibilities and funding mechanisms, introduces uncertainties and potential disruptions to ongoing projects and partnerships.


Pipe Technologies, led by Managing Director Rowan Burgess, positions itself as a leader in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation, offering innovative solutions to the challenges posed by aging infrastructure. Their comprehensive range of services, including trenchless pipe relining, drain unblocking, and root cutting, addresses the decay issues without the need for excavation, reducing project time, disruption, and resource usage. The company’s uPVC liner, designed for structural integrity, provides a continuous and jointless pipeline, minimizing cross-sectional loss and ensuring swift repairs. Despite the uncertainties introduced by the Three Water Reforms, Pipe Technologies remains committed to staying informed, adapting strategies, and actively engaging with changes to navigate the transformation successfully. The company plans to reinforce its reputation, embark on new ventures, and explore emerging opportunities, showcasing its commitment to growth, expansion, and industry leadership.


"I have found Pipe Technologies to be helpful and professional with experienced staff who will complete the job with a high level of workmanship and personal pride. They provide excellent support in the planning phase right through to arranging traffic management, homeowner communications, progress reports and completion QC"

Chris Carter
Drainage Engineering Officer, Whanganui District Council

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