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Masterton District Council


Underground pipelines deteriorate over time due to aging, causing issues such as infiltration, root ingress, and pipe displacements. This deterioration negatively impacts the council’s capacity and efficiency at the treatment plant. Infiltration compromises the integrity of the pipeline, leading to increased water flow into the system, while root ingress and pipe displacements further exacerbate the problem, hindering the council’s ability to maintain an efficient and effective wastewater management system.

PipeTech also faced logistical challenges during a large-scale project in Masterton, particularly in the shipping of oversize reels from the United States to New Zealand. The transportation difficulties presented a hurdle in the seamless execution of the project. Not only that but this sized uPVC liner and these lengths being installed had never been achieved in New Zealand before. Specialist reels were required and build for this project to achieve the added weight and handling of this product during installation.


Despite the logistical complications, PipeTech, in collaboration with Masterton District Council and City Care, successfully navigated the challenges and completed the project. This accomplishment not only saved costs but also met the expectations of the client. The ability to find effective solutions underscored PipeTech’s commitment to reliability and integrity in their environmentally friendly small bore pipe rehabilitation endeavors.

PipeTech offers a robust solution to the challenges posed by aging pipelines through the use of their uPVC liner. This structurally designed and manufactured liner provides a continuous length without joints, significantly improving fluid flow properties and reducing the coefficient of friction in the pipeline. By implementing PipeTech’s uPVC liner, councils can address the issues of infiltration, root obstructions, and pipe displacements, ensuring a more resilient and efficient underground pipeline system.


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