Fixing leaky pipes can save thousands



New Plymouth District Council


The traditional method of digging up and relaying pipelines is not only costly but also disruptive to traffic, residents, and businesses. Compromised pipes, affected by tree roots, wear and tear, or accidental causes, result in leaks and groundwater seepage. This not only poses a financial burden on councils, processing unnecessary water, but also creates challenges for residential clients and private firms facing expensive and disruptive repairs. The inefficiency of the conventional approach, taking weeks to complete, adds to the overall inconvenience and economic strain.


PipeTech offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to the challenges of aging and leaking pipes. Their trenchless relining method involves relining from manhole to manhole, eliminating the need to dig up roads or break into pipelines. Using uPVC liner and a unique process involving steam, precut lengths, and robotic technology, PipeTech can replace 150 meters of pipe and 6-8 lateral cut-outs in a day. This approach is not only faster but also significantly more affordable, saving councils and clients thousands of dollars. The method also addresses issues like tree root intrusion, wear and tear, and accidental damage, preventing unnecessary disruptions, preserving landscaping, and reducing overall repair costs. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of PipeTech’s solution make it a standout alternative to conventional pipeline repair methods.


PipeTech have been lining for STDC since 2010. With over 18km of relining undertaken in this time as well as numerous patch repairs and TopHat junction repairs. "We have found Pipe Technologies to have an excellent and flexible approach in their dealings with Council, especially in their planning and construction phases. They supply detailed programmes and administrative reports and liaise well with the public during the relining work. Their work crews appear to be conscientious and knowledgeable in the work they carry out: and any concerns that might occur are quickly dealt with by Pipe Technologies.

Colin Dudley
Projects Officer, STDC

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