PipeTech is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 20 years, specializing in innovative and cost-effective trenchless pipeline rehabilitation solutions. Founded in 2003 and based in New Plymouth, PipeTech has evolved from a pipe patching business to a leading player in the trenchless pipeline industry.

The company has become a pioneer in setting new benchmarks for sustainable practices within the industry. PipeTech offers a comprehensive range of services for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation and repair, catering to various needs within the sector. These services include trenchless pipe relining, drain unblocking, root cutting, trenchless sectional CIPP ambient cure patch repairs, CIPP UV curing lateral and small diameter lining and their junction sealing 'TopHat' LJR system.

One of PipeTech's standout features is its ability to reline pipelines from manhole to manhole, covering an average distance of around 100 meters without the need for excavation. The process involves using uPVC liner, generating steam to heat it on-site, and employing robotic technology to seamlessly replace damaged or aging pipes. This innovative approach not only ensures structural integrity but also minimizes disruption to traffic, residents, and businesses.

PipeTech's solutions have proven to be highly cost-effective, with services priced at approximately 40% of the cost of traditional digging up and relaying pipelines. The company's commitment to providing reliable, sustainable, and efficient pipeline rehabilitation has earned them the trust of various clients, including local councils, utility companies, and infrastructure stakeholders. PipeTech's success is attributed to its core values of excellence, integrity, and building enduring relationships with clients.


Rowan Burgess

Managing Director

With more than two decades of expertise in the civil infrastructure and development sector, Rowan brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a certified drilling fluids specialist, he has actively contributed to stormwater and sewage projects for both councils and private entities. His extensive background encompasses the rehabilitation of mains and lateral sewer pipes. Rowan's proficiency in project management within the civil construction, as well as oil and gas industries, is a valuable asset to the company. His accomplishments span across direct construction, operations, and maintenance activities on project sites of diverse sizes and complexities.


Maifea Maifea

Operations Director

Maifea has been an integral part of the company for more than 13 years, bringing extensive experience from the grassroots level. His wealth of knowledge extends to CIPP lining, patching, and uPVC lining, with a focus on projects across New Zealand. Maifea holds comprehensive training and expertise in the use and installation of uPVC liner lining by In-Pipe Technology. His adept operating skills foster an open flow of information, promoting an inclusive and collaborative relationship between the staff and management.


Kurt Patterson

Site Manager

Kurt, with over 6 years at PipeTech, excels in efficiently managing and leading teams, significantly boosting productivity in the New Plymouth office. He has undertaken diverse, unsupervised roles in CIPP lining, patching, and uPVC lining projects across New Zealand. Possessing specialized training from In-Pipe Technology, the head licensee of AM Liner for the Australasian and Asian region, Kurt is also qualified as an STMS-A. His training in hazard and risk management, serving as a qualified permit receiver, along with confined space and first aid expertise, ensures a safe working environment.

Pipetech out and about in the community

We sponsor various community teams, events and charity's as a small part in giving back to the community. Including:
- Taranaki Bulls
- Mellowpuff Charitable Trust
- Special Children's Extravaganza charity
- Taranaki Base hospitals new Baby Leo Incubator
- Taranaki Health Foundation Bronze Sponsor in the Taranaki Maunga Hospital Build



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